CAE Tools

The methods developed in the CAE environment are frequently developed further into scripts, plugins or independent software solutions – often due to customer-specific requests. GNS is specialized in the fields of pre- and post-processing and has successfully developed various tool applications in these fields.

Preprocessing Tools

One of our business fields is material calibration for FE applications. In various projects, methods have been developed and know-how built up for this purpose. In order to make this knowledge easily accessible, we have developed a material card generator. This includes an elastic, plastic and a failure description for elastoplastic material models such as car body steels. An extension is the possibility to characterize anisotropic multilayer structures, whereby ply cards and composite materials can also be generated.

In order to be able to consider predamage of adhesive zones during component manufacturing, various methods have been developed in the past. In order to simplify the transfer of data between the different solvers of the process simulation and the structural simulation, a mapping tool for adhesive zones was developed, which writes out an adapted analysis deck.

MatGen Tool


Postprocessing Tools

In modern vehicle development, aspects such as costs and environmental influences are increasingly being considered in addition to structural load performance. By linking the information between pre- and post-processing, specific information can be extracted from analysis models. An individual methodology then processes this information and makes the results available for visualization in the postprocessor. This workflow offers the possibility to generate automated reports for CO2 analyses, load states and/or cost calculations, for example.

Adhesive MATMapper

Source: Project Multiofen