R&M Competencies

Material and Connection Modeling

GNS can look back on a large number of completed projects in this field. The activities cover a broad spectrum, from the consideration of static and dynamic loading to the modeling of shell, solid and connection elements and the consideration of solver-specific differences.

Simulation of Substructures

The Research and Methods Group of GNS, which consists of engineers with a background in testing, offers the entire range of activities in this field:

CAE Tools

The developed methods in the CAE environment are frequently further developed to scripts, plugins or independent software. GNS has specialized in the areas of:

Lightweight Design

GNS develops new lightweight solutions together with component and vehicle manufacturers. Lightweight design through new material concepts and tailored products are also in the focus as other special solutions adapted to customer requirements.

Funded Projects

GNS has been involved in the successful processing of publicly funded projects for a long time. Our core competencies include:

Research & Methods

About R&M​

In car body development, cycles are becoming shorter, but at the same time the number of vehicle types is increasing. This requires fast proof of component concepts in terms of manufacture, function and safety, as early as possible in the development phase. 

In addition, the resources and costs involved are driving manufacturers to carry out fewer and fewer experiments and to implement a large part of the body design virtually via vehicle simulation. This leads to the fact that for every new concept, for every new material and for every new component, a virtual potential must first be identified so that it has any chance at all being turned into reality later.

The working group “Research & Methods” consists of engineers with many years of professional experience in research and industrial projects. Our activities include the development of material models as well as simulation methods in the fields of lightweight design and material concepts. 

Furthermore, we support our customers in the design and validation of component tests. Additionally, as a developer of software products, we have the privilege of exclusively developing customer-specific CAE tools for pre- and post-processing in-house. 

Our focus is on tasks that go beyond our mainstays of software products and engineering. We like to take on higher-level issues and accompany our project partners competently and reliably on their way to innovative solutions in the field of vehicle simulation.