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About GNS

GNS – Gesellschaft für Numerische Simulation mbH was founded as a German-based engineering company by a group of engineering analysis experts in 1994. Originally dedicated to offering customer service for the automotive industry in the fields of crash analysis and forming simulation, GNS is now a competent partner in a wide range of engineering analysis applications.

With its team of more than 150 engineering analysis experts, GNS provides numerical analysis for a great range of engineering problems using state-of-the-art finite element and boundary element codes. GNS also develops customized software tools, mainly in order to optimize virtual development processes, and advises companies on how to integrate numerical analysis in their design process in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Furthermore, GNS is engaged in the development of constitutive models and numerical algorithms for advanced engineering materials, such as composites, foams or honeycomb structures. GNS develops and supports a number of advanced commercial software products such as Animator4, Generator4 and OpenForm, each tailored to meet the needs of its most demanding clients and the industry’s toughest engineering problems.

GNS software products are developed by engineering analysts and software specialists with a deep insight into the requirements of numerical simulation and years of practical experience in solving sophisticated engineering problems. All software products are continuously tested by the company’s own engineers within consulting and development projects. This guarantees maximum performance, functionality, practicality and robustness of the software.

GNS Systems GMBH

GNS Systems is a subsidiary of GNS mbH and offers innovative information technology services for engineering. We plan, implement, and operate complex systems and applications infrastructures for product development and simulation.

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