The Industrial Solution for Sheet Metal Forming Simulation

Practical and high quality solutions for process planners and tool makers

The first universal solver-independent graphical user interface


Process setup separated from solver and numerics

The OpenForm philosophy is based on the unique concept of the open data interface for commercial forming software: this is realized on the one hand through a solver-independent description of the forming process and on the other hand through a solver-independent evaluation of the results.

The setup of a forming process in OpenForm is very simple: with the help of graphical symbols, the so-called Process-Templates, the forming process is defined step by step in the 2D process window.

Template for a two-step deep drawing process

Generation of a part from a tailor rolled blank (TRB) in OpenForm

OpenForm is equipped with a powerful mesh generator, which meets the needs of the different solvers. Alongside the actual mesh generation, the user has comprehensive capabilities available for the examination and editing of the CAD geometry as well as the mesh.

The post-processing in OpenForm is focused on the requirements of the user for their daily work: the use of the user interface and the presentation of forming specific results such as FLD- and ZTU-diagrams, edge crack or scratch line display allows even inexperienced users to make practical judgments on the results.

Template for a two-step deep drawing process

Multi-step deep drawing process of a car boot lid

OpenForm is equipped with an integrated Finite Element Solver OFSolv, which is best suited for numerical simulation of the quasi-static cold forming of sheet metal. Not only deep drawing and hydroforming but also bending and bonding processes can be simulated with OFSolv.