Mobile Offset Progressive Deformable Barrier
for frontal impact


The MPDB shell model effectively implements the latest developments of LS-DYNA codes and provides users with a stable and targeted analysis.


The specifications of the “Euro NCAP Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier Face Specification” Draft Version 1.2 November 2018 TB 022, served as the basis for the development of our Mobile Offset Progressive Deformable Frontal Impact Barrier (MPDB). The MPDB will be used in the 2020 European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) and, in the future, in the Chinese CNCAP from 2022 in their frontal impact test protocol.

Element Type: Shell

Numbers of Elements: 216600

Timestep: 5E-4ms

Validation Code: LS-DYNA R9.3.0

Regulation Test: EuroNCAP 2020

Frontal Impact Test Regulation Speed: Vehicle and trolley have both a target speed of 50kph

Element Type Numbers of Elements Timestep Validation Regulation Test Regulation Speed
Shell 2166000 -4 ms LS-DYNA R9.3.0 EuroNCAP 2020 Frontal Impact Test Vehicle and trolley have both a target speed of 50kph


The test results on four different impact conditions – the car fitted with a barrier hits a quarter-wall, a vertical, a rounded and a tubular impactor (specified by Euro NCAP) – form the basis for finetuning the LS-DYNA model. In addition to comparing the deflection curves (generated from analyses and tests), material tests were performed to create the material models for the distinct parts of the barrier.