Offset Deformable Barrier for Frontal Impact


The ODB shell model effectively implements the latest developments of LS-DYNA codes and provides users with a stable and targeted analysis.


The specification of the ECE Regulation No. 94 (Annex 9) served as the basis for the development of our Offset Deformable Barrier (ODB). The ODB model is used for assessment of frontal vehicle impacts. The goal is to comply with or exceed the requirements described in the regulations above. Our ODB model is an ideal basis for successful development of your vehicle structures.

Element Type: Shell

Number of Elements: 1.700.000

Timestep: 5.0×10-4 ms

Validation Code: LS-DYNA R9.3.0

Regulation Test: ECE R94

Regulation Speed: 56 km/h

Element Type Numbers of Elements Timestep Validation Code Regulation Test Regulation Speed
Shell 1,700,000 5.0x10-4 ms LS-DYNA R9.3.0 ECE R94 56 km/h


The LS-DYNA model of the ODB was created to comply with the stiffness requirements described in the ECE Regulation No. 94. Additionally, it was improved using multiple real test load cases to model phenomena of deformation and failure. Our ODB model was refined using various impactors placed at different positions. Comparing deflection curves and recognizing optical phenomena resulting from real component tests led to an evolved ODB model, that accurately represents the behavior of a real ODB.