Advanced European Mobile Deformable Barrier


To meet the requirements of higher vehicle weights and new body shapes, side crash barriers are constantly being enhanced by the NCAPs. Together with the far-side load case, for example, the AE-MDB. This model follows the latest developments of the hardware barrier.

GNS AE-MDB model according to the latest AE-MDB specfication

  • Adjusted block stiffnesses with prescribed performance corridors
  • Two versions are available, considering enabled or disabled gravity in your simulation
  • Model mass, velocity and boundary condition are adjustable using LS-DYNA *PARAMETER

Barrier model vs. load cell wall

Basic features

Easily Adjustable Parameters

By setting *PARAMETER GNS_MASS, GNS_XVELO, GNS_ FIX, the barrier model integrates perfectly into your simulation.

Sophisticated Functionality

The barrier model was calibrated using several hardware tests that employed vehicle-like lateral structures functioning as impact bodies, positioned at different locations.

Adhesive Elements

Adhesive beams, gluing honeycomb to cladding sheets, are able to fail under the appropriate load.


Two versions of the GNS AE-MDB model are available, considering enabled or disabled gravity in your simulation.

Pressurized Air Wheels

Trolley wheels with pressurized air tires, allowing more realistic model motion.