pre-processing and safety at its best


Generator4 is a pre-processor that allows engineers to set up their CAE models with ease and accuracy. Starting from CAD-Data handling and high-quality mesh generation up to ready-to-run input decks for a variety of solvers including LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH or Nastran.

The program is based on almost 20 years of experience in project work for the automotive industry and its predecessor Generator2. Giving as a result, a software focused on the efficiency, agility and ease of use, where the safety and positioning capabilities stand out for their practicality in the daily work of the design engineer.

Generator4 is conceived as the follow-up of Generator2, not only offering all the safety and positioning functionality from its predecessor, but also enlarging it with countless new capabilities for FE modelling and support for the new safety standard regulations.

Moreover, the software is combining all these Safety tools with a new and powerful capability for geometry handling, mesh generation or optimization and model managing.

All this, within an intuitive and easy to learn GUI for this multi-platform product, supporting both unix and windows environments and all the mayor Solvers currently used for simulation at the automotive market.

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